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The horrible dichotomy of having to prove you’re disabled/sick enough but not too disabled/sick. #AcademicAbleism

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This is about the burden of disabilities, mental illnesses, and chronic illnesses in academia but I’m guessing it applies to pretty much any setting where one can request services for disabilities.  Or just life in general.

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Also known as I really need my accommodations but don’t freak out please don’t freak out I promise I can do the work.

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i’d rather be reading
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purrrrfect princess 

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Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured.
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Just because race is a social construct and is *made up* doesn’t mean it’s powerless. Ignoring racism’s systematic effects on real people doesn’t lessen its power, it in fact amplifies it.
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why do i have meltdowns over nothing



Meltdowns are never “over nothing” but sometimes the real antecedent happens hours or days before the trigger event, which can be some tiny insignificant thing. 


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Problems with "High Functioning/Low Functioning Labels" By L. Lyubov



High Functioning/Low Functioning labels serve no purpose but to incorrectly categorize people based on assumptions and stereotypes of “functionality.” “High Functioning” to me is not a compliment. It means that people are making incorrect assumptions about my…

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This colour-composite image was obtained by FORS1 on ANTU. It displays a sky area near the Chamaeleon I complex of bright nebulae and hot stars in the constellation of the same name, close to the southern celestial pole.This picture was taken a few days before the Paranal Inauguration and the “hand-over” to the astronomers on April 1, 1999.This colour composite photo of the Chamaeleon I area is based on six 1-min exposures obtained with VLT UT1 + FORS1 in the V, R and I bands. The sky field measures 6.8 x 11.2 arcmin2; North is up and East is left.

Credit: ESO


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Why Acceptance? Flyer (PDF)


This is a two page (or one page front and back) flyer to help you talk to people about Autism Acceptance!